Parish Groups

There are a number of groups within the parish.  While each performs a specific function, together they work to benefit the whole parish.

Groups are always on the ‘look-out’ for new members, so don’t be afraid to put your hand up!

Enjoy learning about the groups in our parish and make contact if you wish to find out more about those you are interested in.

Click on a group below to go directly to that group or just scroll through all of them at your leisure.

Oversees the Stewardship of the Parish

Ensures the Spirituality of the Parish

Keeps the Church and Surrounds in Tip-Top Shape

Outreach to the Local Community

Maintains the Information Technolgy in the Church and Parish House

Offers Spiritual and Physical Support to Those in a Similar Situation

For the Future of the Parish


Oversees the Stewardship of the Parish

Parish Pastoral Council

The Council represents the community of St. David’s Church and Our Lady of Hope Chapel.

Guided by the Holy Spirit:
  • We strive to foster a Catholic community of faith, hope and love.
  • We draw on the spirit of St. Eugene de Mazenod to help bring God’s kingdom to life.
  • We provide a link to the Parish Priest and proactive leadership to the parish community.
  • We help to grow a vibrant parish life through faith formation, liturgy, outreach and community engagement.

Contact the council with your comments on parish affairs and suggestions for developing the parish community.
Photos of members are on the wall in the foyer, near the left exit door.

Meets bi-monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Contact: Edward Bartels 0405 280 180

Parish Finance Council

Oversees the parish budget and expenditure.

Approves expenditure on various projects.

Manages the Planned Giving Program.

Contact: Fr. James


Collects the contributions for the 1st, 2nd and special collections during Mass.

Contact: Barrie Pearson 0417 082 407


Counts the money from the 1st and 2nd collections.
Records the amounts given from the Planned Giving Program.
Banks the money into the appropriate accounts.

There are a number of ‘teams’ who are rostered several times per year.

Meets in the Gerard Room every Sunday from 9am to 10am.

Contact: Regina Cunningham


Ensures the Spirituality of the Parish

Liturgy Committee

Prepares and organises liturgy details and church decorations during feast days and liturgical event

Contact: Parish House

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Helps to distribute Holy Communion during Mass.

May also be called upon to take the Sacrament to the sick and home-bound.

Contact: David Reynolds 0412 096 250


Readers espouse the 1st and 2nd readings for each Saturday and Sunday Mass, the weekday morning Mass and on other special occasions.

Commentators lead the proceedings during the whole Mass.  They also read the Response to the 1st Reading and say the Prayers of the Faithful.

Contact: David Reynolds 0412 096 250

Altar Servers

Boys and girls who help the Priest during Mass.

Contact: David Reynolds 0412 096 250


Sings and/or plays instruments during Mass.
New singers and musicians are warmly welcomed to participate.

The church has a Clarinova keyboard as well as a digital amplifier system.
Organists and players of other instruments are warmly welcomed.

Our choirs have a mixture of ages, genders and voices which lead us in our congregational singing.

There are 3 groups:

  • Adult


St. David’s

Margaret Matthews  0403 024 545

Our Lady of Hope

Wasyl Gorgula  0421 697 422

  • Children/Young People


St. David’s

Amanda Bartels  0414 255 458

  • Youth


St. David’s

Edward Bartels 0405 280 180

Children’s Liturgy

The celebration of Liturgy of the Word with children, enables them to encounter God in the Word.

It encourages children to respond to God’s word in an age appropriate way and helps them develop an appreciation of the Word of God in their lives and helps them feel welcome in their parish community.

NOTE:  Children’s Liturgy is not religious education for State Schools.

Contact: Amanda Bartels 0414 255 458

RE for State School Children

Provides Religious Education for children attending State Schools.

Covers the preparation for each of the Sacraments.

Contact: Parish Office

Gospel Discussion

Discusses the coming Sunday readings and relates them to personal experiences.

Meets every Tuesday at 10am in the Gerard Room.

Contact: Parish Office


Keeps the Church and Surrounds in Tip-Top Shape

Church Cleaners
General cleaning of the church with jobs to suit all volunteers.

Rostered once every 5 weeks.

Contact: Parish Office.


Washes the purifiers, corporals and face washers used for the celebration of the Eucharist.

Rostered for a month, once per year.

Contact: Parish Office.


Maintains all the gardens around both St. David’s and Our Lady of Hope churches.

Occasional ‘working bees’ are held when major landscaping is implemented.

Contact: Barrie Pearson 0417 082 407

General Maintenance

Maintains the buildings and other facilities around the parish.

Refines design proposals, gets quotes on major projects and calls qualified trades-people where required.

Retired trades-people who are willing to donate their expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Roman Mysak 0422 617 120


Outreach to the Local Community

St. Vincent de Paul Society

‘Vinnies’ assists community members from any background or creed with their basic needs, supplying food, clothing and assistance with bill/utility payments.  Vouchers for the Vinnies shops are also available to help companions with clothes, bedding or furniture, when available.  Our TTG members assist with the task of food deliveries to homes in our local community.

There is more information and photos of current members on the wall in the foyer, opposite the kitchen.

Meets every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the foyer.  New members are always welcome.

Contact: Wasim Saman 0478 402 191


Maintains the Information Technology in the Church and Parish House

Manages and maintains the parish:
  • hardware, software and network.
  • website and YouTube channel.
  • phone system in the parish house.

Produces the PowerPoint slides for Masses and other occasions.

Creates and runs the live-streaming of the Sunday 10.30am Mass and other occasions (Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, etc).

Contact: Tim Knight 0468 419 523


Offers Spiritual and Physical Support to Those in a Similar Situation

De Mazenod Family

Together, as members of the De Mazenod Family, we seek to enrich our faith journey through the charism of St Eugene De Mazenod, in partnership with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

It is a very relaxed ‘Get together’ for friendship and Fellowship.

After sharing a simple meal and friendly conversation, we get to learn more about St Eugene De Mazenod, the Founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate – our Parish Priests order.

Meets every 1st Monday of the month (except January) from 6pm – 8pm in the foyer and everyone from the parish is invited to attend.

Contact: Joan Smit 0407 441 126

Widows & Widowers

Offers comfort and support to those grieving and missing the special people who were so much a part of their lives.
The loss may be a very recent one, or one of several years – grief has no timeframes.  You will be most welcome at our gathering.

Those we love don’t go away.  They walk beside us every day.  Unseen, unheard, but always near.  Still loved, still missed and very dear. (Alex MacLean)

Meets every 3rd Thursday of the month in the foyer at 11am for Mass and remembering all those dear to us.
This is followed by a shared lunch, chat and friendship.

Contact: Margaret Atkinson 0425 028 203


For the Future of the Parish


Catering to those aged 16-30, OYSA thrives as a vibrant community fostering spiritual development and interpersonal connections.

Monthly youth masses serve as focal points for worship, creating an inclusive atmosphere where participants engage in meaningful reflections.  Complementing these are gospel sessions, providing an opportunity for members to delve deeper into the teachings of the Gospel and share insights.

A diverse range of social and liturgical events are held throughout the year.  These activities include other prayerful events like adoration, meditation and retreats.  Social events range from movie and games nights to hikes and picnics, contributing to a well-rounded experience that integrates faith into daily life.

Connects with the wider Oblate Youth Australia community through the National Oblate Youth Encounter camps, online meetings and pilgrimages.

The best way to keep updated on upcoming events is to follow OYSA on Instagram and Facebook (@oblateyouthsa).

Contact: Nicholas Centofanti 0410 692 550